Eaton Dura-Seal 4S/6S spiral Fittings

Eaton Dura-Seal™ is an integral benefit to Eaton’s 4S/6S
spiral fittings* for both Aeroquip and Weatherhead products. Eaton took
multiple series of fittings and combined and redesigned them to provide a
streamlined spiral fitting portfolio – 4S/6S Series.In addition to the Dura-Seal o-ring, the
fittings have either 4 or 6 identification rings on the outer socket to easily
match with the corresponding hose to reduce guesswork.

Dura-Seal is an o-ring embedded into the nipple of the fitting creating a seal
on the inside of the hose (in addition to the crimp). This best-in-class
technology provides this fitting series with a Class 0 cool-down leakage
rating, in accordance with SAE J1176 when used with Eaton hose, meaning there
is no indication of moisture. This patent-pending innovation from Eaton
eliminates leakage while also extending hose assembly life and reducing
equipment downtime.

Many drips are left unidentified because there are no visual
indications of the leak until performance has been affected. Leakage
contributes to unnecessary energy consumption, money spent on top-off fluid and
increased housekeeping costs.

Eaton 4S/6S spiral fittings have optimized the portfolio and
the overall assembly process. Majority of the fittings have a reduced overall
length, offering a lower profile to allow for easier hose assembly routing and
installation. The formed back-up hex and captive slip over nut, decreases the
risk of the fitting cracking during use. The elbow and hose nipple are now one-piece
creating a non-brazed joint to reduce the chance of field issues. The rings
etched into the fittings make it easy to match hoses to the correct fittings. Four
rings on the socket refer to the 4-spiral hose and 6 rings refer to the
6-spiral hose; the hose I.D. is also marked on the fittings for quick identification,
reducing the chance of assembly error. Together, these features reduce
potential field warranty issues for both end-users and OEM users.

*Standard on sizes ¾
and above

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