Steam Hose

Can your
hoses handle the heat?

to raise the bar on steam hose performance? There’s a new option on the market
that lasts twice as long as other hoses. Whether you have high temperature
cleaning needs or need to transfer heated oil or water, Eaton hoses can handle the heat. Heating, cleanliness, or maintenance
– steam hoses help to keep your system’s moving parts from freezing and locking
up in colder months and prevent dangerous failures. It can be used for steam
tracing to help heat stagnant pipe sections, control liquid viscosity and
freeze protection. Steam is also used to clean a wide range of surfaces, such
as to clear dried on sintered contaminants. Steam applications can be used to
add moisture to a process while also maintaining heat. For example, steam is
used for moisturization in production of paper, so that paper moving over rolls
at high speed do not suffer microscopic breaks or tears.Steam
applications are inherently dangerous; it’s important to utilize products that
provide maximum safety. Eaton offers not one, or two, but three different steam
hoses that can stand up to the dragging, scuffing and abuse found in many
applications such as hot water cleaning or high-pressure process steam
services. To ensure consistency and reduce the danger of grabbing the wrong
hose, the name of the hose and working pressure are molded into the hose cover
meaning it can’t be rubbed off! This ensures there is no confusion as to what this
hose’s job is when in use and, when the time does come to replace the hose,
there is no guessing.

Steam SlayerTM hoses
have proven to be the standard in high heat situations. Eaton’s Steam Slayer
raises the bar when it comes to steam hose performance and has been engineered for
a 10:1 safety rating. Eaton’s team of engineers has developed this innovative
product to last over 2,000 hours during steam resistance testing which is over
twice as long as the competitors tested. Steam Slayer comes in three
different colored covers to cater to the consistency of your plant; hog-fire
red with yellow ink transfer layline (EH081),
black (EH080) and red and black barber pole stripe (EH084).

H0084 Concord Standard steam hose is great for common applications while
maintaining the 10:1 safety factor.The tube
is constructed with a specialty chlorobutyl blend,
reinforced with a 2-wire braid with stainless steel anti-static
wire and a pin-pricked EPDM cover. If you have an
application that is absent of the danger of spark and light, the H9568 Concord
250 Steam is held to the same standard of H0084 without the anti-static wire.

Slayer and Concord hoses outlast the competition. When put through a steam
resistance testing, the two leading competitors fall to pinprick ooze, startup
leakage at interlock fittings, cover blisters and tube popcorning failure. Only
Eaton hose can last up to 2,000 hours under the stress of saturated steam which
is circulated at 407°F through the hose assemblies on a steam rack. Every 150
hours assemblies were allowed
to cool down, then
steam was restarted.

products have exclusive elastomers that support superior heat resistance and
provide for longer service life, will resist flaking rubber particles and will
handle most steam cleaner detergents. Hi-strength steel wire braided
reinforcement found on all Eaton steam hoses keep the hose limber and easy to
handle. The cover ensues maximum service life and value when compared to
competitors. Eaton hoses are built to endure, giving them an exceptional
ageing, weathering and heat resisting properties keeping the hose flexible and
easy to use.

doesn’t stop at the hose. We have individualized steam hose crimping with specially
engineered EJ and FK series couplings. Losses from a leaking steam system can
cost in many ways. Personal safety, procurement, maintenance, and premature
product replacement can all affect a company’s bottom line. Eaton’s new steam
hose assembly system with our Steam Slayer hose and the EJ Series fitting offer
a matched engineered assembly that was tested for over 2000 hours without any
leakage. This new matched assembly will also reduce the effects of static
electric discharge. These new assemblies not only reduce maintenance cost, but
also reduce operator’s exposure to hazardous situations. Be sure to choose a
matched hose and fitting engineered system designed specifically for steam

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