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We store and array of different hoses to include industrial hose, hydraulic hose, ducting hose, metal hose, fire hose, hose reels, and all the fittings, clamps, and adapters to go along. We have the inventory to build the exact hose assembly you require, whether you are looking for food grade or oil field vacuum hose. Custom hose assemblies are our expertise and while you wait, we can make a new one or complete a hose repair for you.

Industrial Hose are also known as synthetic rubber tubing. It's one hose which is used in all sorts of manufacturing equipment as a connector. Industrial hoses have the superior flexible and bending qualities as opposed to hard hoses. In the more challenging, and even worse, work environment, industrial hose is used than civilian hose. The equipment also has more challenging hose specifications, and the industrial hoses have the rigid specification and quality from construction, material range, production, and transport to final storage. Industrial hoses are available in a broader variety of shapes, wide range of pressure and temperature and greater resistance to chemicals.

High-pressure, silicone rubber, thermoplastic or Teflon-reinforced hose is a hydraulic hose that carries fluid to convey force within hydraulic machinery. In the early 1940s, hydraulic machines began to be used after engineers realized that hydraulic structures were more flexible, lighter in weight and self-lubricating. World War II spurred the development of military-based hydraulic equipment. The invention of lightweight hydraulic hoses further opened the door for a large variety of new, high-powered hydraulic-based machines to be produced.