Evercool Hose

Today customers demand more from their vehicles. Every component and system has to work harder and last longer, delivering consistent results mile after mile. Environmental standards are also evolving, and manufacturers have to consider how best to design vehicle components and systems that are both more productive and environmentally sustainable. Eaton’s EverCool EC007 Type C […]

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Eaton EZ Clip

What could be easier than Eaton’s E-ZClipTMrefrigerant and A/C hose assembly process? Refrigeration fluid is much more complicated to control than hydraulic fluid. Therefore, it’s imperative to have a superior fittinghoseand assemblysystem. The E-Z Clip System is engineered and approved for assembly with Eaton’s latest multi-refrigerant air conditioning hose, the EverCool EC007. The E-Z Clip

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What Can Teflon Do?

Whether your application takes you to a manufacturing plant or a maintenance facility for trucks and buses, Eaton Everflex® and Winner™ fluoropolymer hoses and fittings have the resilience to operate in the toughest situations. Excelling in a variety of applications where chemical and abrasion resistance, flexibility and non-aging characteristics are essential, Eaton Everflex hose made

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Eaton’s Aeroquip Hoses For Superior Pressure & Temperature

Eaton’s core premium hoses, for OEM or aftermarket use, exceed industry standards for pressure, temperature and abrasion resistance, with options adapted to handle your toughest jobs. Look to Eaton’s Weatherhead hoses for superior pressure and temperature ratings to extend the life of your hose. Eaton Winner™ hoses meet all industry standards for pressure, temperature and

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Making Laylines Work For You

Eaton is making laylines work for you. Eaton has developed new laylines that are easier to read and present critical information in a consistent order. This allows users around the world to easily identify key performance characteristics. To help guide you through the upcoming changes, Eaton has created this comprehensive brochure that outlines layline terminology,

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DOT Air Brake Tubing & Brass Adapters

Synflex® Solstice™ air-brake tubing, made from proprietary thermoplastics, helps alleviate the supply chain volatility of traditional nylon raw materials used in the manufacture of traditional air-brake tubing. This highly engineered thermoplastic monowall tubing meets the performance of SAE J844, J1131, J2494-3, D.O.T. FMVSS 106 and OEM customer requirements for use on truck and trailer air–brake

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Eaton’s Synflex Optimum Thermoplastic Hydraulic Hoses & Fittings

Eaton’s Synflex Optimum thermoplastic hydraulic hoses and fittings empower end users to reimagine design. Eaton’s system-engineered portfolio offers streamlined product configurations that make it easy to find the perfect combination for every application. Eaton’s commitment to innovation includes the design and technical support needed to develop more efficient, safe and productive systems. The new Synflex

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