Eaton’s Synflex Optimum Thermoplastic Hydraulic Hoses & Fittings

Eaton’s Synflex
Optimum thermoplastic hydraulic hoses and fittings empower end users to
reimagine design. Eaton’s system-engineered portfolio offers streamlined
product configurations that make it easy to find the perfect combination for
every application. Eaton’s commitment to innovation includes the design and
technical support needed to develop more efficient, safe and productive

The new Synflex Optimum thermoplastic hose and
fittings line has been optimized for performance, crimp efficiency, price and
works better together. The tube has been created with compound blends of the
best properties of both nylon and polyester while maintaining improved
flexibility for both warm and cold temperatures.

The R7 (3TR7/3TR7N), R8 (3TR8/3TR8N) and R18 (3TR18CT)
hoses have been reformulated with a polyurethane cover, built to withstand
extreme environmental conditions. The abrasion resistance has been improved by
10 percent, and the non-stick cover reduces routing force by 50 percent. In
addition, there’s improved kink resistance while bending and routing.

And as everyone knows, the hose line is only as
good as its connection. Paired with Synflex Optimum is Eaton’s Synflex Optimum
fittings. Designed for seamless compatibility, the fittings are created to work
together specifically with Synflex Optimum hose. The 4TA fittings follow a
simple one-piece design that reduces matching errors during assembly,
eliminates brazing failure risks and lowers assembly time. The captive nut
eliminates the weak spots found in other fittings, distributing force applied
during assembly, helping prevent cracks and leaks that halt workflows which
lead to unplanned downtime.

Synflex Optimum fittings are designed to last and
come standard with DURA-KOTETM plating. Synflex Optimum fittings are
manufactured to have a smaller profile than other fittings, making it easier
for routing and assembly installation in tight spaces. Part numbers are printed
on fittings for easy identification.

Synflex Optimum hoses are compatible with 1A
(TTC)/Z fittings with sleeves (qualified on 100R7/R8) and 902 reusable series
(qualified on 100R7).

Synflex Optimum has over 500 terminal end
configurations available. Upgrading to the new Synflex Optimum hoses is cost
neutral to your current line and the corresponding fittings are up to 20
percent cheaper.

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