Evercool Hose

customers demand more from their vehicles. Every component and system has to
work harder and last longer, delivering consistent results mile after mile. Environmental
standards are also evolving, and manufacturers have to consider how best to
design vehicle components and systems that are both more productive and
environmentally sustainable.

Eaton’s EverCool EC007 Type C barrier hose is the newest addition to
our portfolio. Intended for truck, agricultural and construction customers, EC007
A/C hose is designed for improved fracture and kink resistance, ultimately
reducing hose damage that occurs when bending the hose in difficult or tight
installations or through normal wear and tear. In addition, EC007 A/C hose has
better permeation than any other Type C hose to minimize refrigeration loss,
reducing environmental impact, downtime and cost associated with “topping off
the system.”

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