E-Z Clip System from Eaton

What could
be easier than Eaton’s E-Z ClipTM refrigerant and A/C hose assembly

fluid is much more complicated to control than that of hydraulic fluid. It is
imperative to have a superior fitting, hose, and assembly system.

The E-Z Clip
System is engineered and approved for assembly, with Eaton’s latest
multi-refrigerant, air conditioning hose, the GH001.

The E-Z
Clip System significantly exceeds SAE J2064 Performance rating with a
temperature range of -40 Fahrenheit up to 275 Fahrenheit and is qualified with
R134a, R1234yf, R404a, R407C, R452 and R410 standards.

There are
over 4 million E-Z Clip connection assemblies in operation today with virtually
no failures. The incredible ease of use and the lowest possible permeation
rates for A/C systems, the E-Z Clip system leads the industry in value and
performance in even the most demanding conditions.

The E-Z
Clip system is so revered, that military grade hum-v vehicles are equipped with
these connectors.

E-Z Clip
can be used in a multitude of applications from automotive, industrial and

E-Z Clip is
compatible with almost every refrigerant, is fast, simple and does not require
power tools or mandrels.

Being an
industry leader, E-Z Clip connectors come with a 3-year warranty, making it
guaranteed to last.

E-Z Clip
stays true to its name as there is little to no guess work, no need for power
tools, has the ability for use in confined spaces and is simply easy to use. If
you can pull together a pair of pliers, you can assemble an E-Z Clip qualified

It is a
smart system with aligned crimp rings, easy to see crimp cages, a barbed insert
and two O rings to guard against leakage, assuring a secured fit.

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