Eaton Crimpers…Designed for success

Ensure the
success of your hose assembly operation with Eaton’s crimp machines and
tooling. With the new Eaton-branded crimp machine portfolio, both Aeroquip™ and
Weatherhead™ customers have access to the same crimp machines and tooling! This
simplified and improved offering with lower cost options is comprised of
positive stop and variable crimpers in portable, general service, and
industrial production options to meet all your application needs.

Put your
mind at ease assembling, selling, or using Eaton warrantied hose assemblies
made with Eaton’s superior hose products, hose ends, assembly machines, and
tooling. Eaton’s resource website,, has up to date crimp
spec information to ensure a properly crimped and safe hose assembly. Access
the PowerSource Crimp Specs tool at

The ET1187
machine is our most economical variable crimp machine to date. It boasts a
broad crimp capability and “ease-of-use” dial. This machine is designed to
easily adjust to Eaton’s core products. It’s as simple as turning the collar to
the correct color to match the lay line on the hose, adjust the ring so that
the correct size dot aligns with the correct size line on the collar and the
machine is set for the proper crimp. Load the correct crimp die based on the
crimp die chart attached to the machine, and the machine is ready to crimp. A
version of the machine for Eaton Winner hose is also available.

portable ET1000 crimp machine has four pump options and comes equipped with a
stand pre-drilled for mounting to a workbench or table-top. This simple
positive stop machine offers consistent crimping time after time with no
operator adjustments required and is easily transported between job sites.

The FT1380
crimp machine crimps all your hose needs up to and including -20 4-wire spiral
hose. The FT1380 is electronically controlled to give fast, accurate crimps the
first time and every time you need a hose assembly. The electronic keypad is
easy to adjust, with up to 10 programmable crimp settings. For hose styles and
sizes used less frequently, simply enter the 3-digit target setting.

The T-420
is a versatile positive-stop machine ideal for your shop, factory, construction,
and mine locations. Large capacity combined with lever-activated crimping gives
you wide coverage and a quick and simple way to make factory-quality hose

The FT1390
crimp machine is a stand-alone machine and will crimp up to 2″ braided, 2”
4-wire spiral, and 2” 6-wire spiral hydraulic hose assemblies. It boasts a
programmable electronic keypad with 10 presets. This keypad simplifies the hose
crimping operation by allowing the machine operator to enter a predetermined
setting for a specific hose type and size. The ten most often used crimp
settings can be stored for one-touch retrieval. The machine will automatically
crimp to the exact crimp diameter required for that hose type and size. The
electronic crimp machine settings eliminate the need for spacers or shims in
the crimping operation.

The ET4001
is ideal for factory, high-performance machine operations, construction, and
mine locations. This machine offers the capabilities of crimping all the
crimp-style hose ends through -32. With this coverage, this heavy-duty
positive-stop crimper can handle all your crimping needs.

The ET5050
is designed for high industrial production and comes pre-programmed with all of
Eaton’s hose and hose fitting crimp specifications, crimp profile details, and
machine settings to crimp to Eaton’s specifications. It crimps up to 2” spiral,
2” braided, and 4” industrial in Eaton core hose products as well as a wide
variety of specialty hose. The ET5050 crimp machine took on a new look in
January. The updates were made in an effort to reduce lead times and pricing as
the machine now ships directly from Uniflex in the Chicago suburbs.

crimpers are favored in the field. See what others are saying.

“The Eaton
crimp machine offers the best in positive stop or variable crimp technologies.
With Eaton, I can offer my customer a crimper that matches their needs.”

appreciate the simplicity of Eaton’s assembly system.”

’I have been
selling Eaton Aeroquip & Winner fittings since 1976 and as of 2019, Eaton
now offers the greatest array of crimp machines in all the years I have dealt
with them.The size range covered
involving both stationary and mobile machines is complete and the choice of
either variable crimp or positive stop crimping systems with its full array of
options lends a solution to any/all of our crimping needs.We sell in three channels including OEM, MRO
and Retail.In each case, we are able to
not just meet the needs of our customer base but moreover we exceed it.The operation and set up of the machines is
simple to understand.Our incidence of
placing hydraulic crimp machines has never been higher and invariably, the
features and benefits of the Eaton machines eclipse the competitor’s machines.We are realizing great growth with the Eaton
line and the new machine offering is pivotal to our growth.

crimpers are durable and suitable for any environment, including hose centers,
mines, and construction sites.Their ability to
be mounted to work vehicles make their versatility even greater as on-site
assemblies can be brought right to the application area. The simplicity of
their design ensures ease of use from the novice to the most experienced

Eaton makes crimping simple. To find the
proper crimp spec anytime and anywhere, the mobile crimp spec tool is
available on PowerSource!
Visit on your mobile
device and add to your favorites for quick access. To find your spec, simply
select your machine, hose

series, hose size, and fitting style, and you’re
ready to crimp!

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