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Throughout a hydraulic network, hydraulic fittings link hoses, pipes and tubes. Many fittings have a part male and female that joins together to create a link. Such connections help to control and steer the conductive hydraulic fluid flow while avoiding leakage and retaining friction.

These metal fittings attach hoses, tubes and pipes in a hydraulic system to match different device configurations in straight, tee, and 45 or 90 elbow. Hydraulic fittings and adapters stock in different sizes, shapes and configurations to suit any device.

Hydraulic equipment fittings are also made from cast and machined steel, which is highly durable and rigid. Occasionally, though this is uncommon, fittings are machined from steel billets. The configuration would contain a thread corresponding to the port of the part while a thread corresponding to the shape of the hose end loop will be used on the other end