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QD Bushings

QD Bushings

QD BushingsThe QD design provides for both conventional (outboard flange) and reverse (inboard flange) mounting configurations, the initial sheave and pulley mounting system had been developed to promote component assembly and replacement.

The key difference between the two is that the bushing of the QD design has a flange along the outer rim, while the bushing in the taper lock has straight sides on the OD and is meant to fit flat. Many people refer to both types as a "taper lock" because the tapered wedging action is used by both to lock and the shaft. The taper bushing, with its straight sides, uses a fixed screw to push the bushing into the unit bore (sheave, sprocket, etc.) being mounted. When installing those screws, be careful. The openings on the bushing which have threads are for removal only. Stay mindful also that the presence of a flange outside the bushing doesn't automatically mean it's a QD type. Split Taper bushing always has a flange, so neither can be interchanged. The QD style has a break, which continues on through the flange.

 The Steel QD (Quick Disconnect) Style bushing offers compact and quick installation while providing outstanding retaining capacity. QD Bushings are used in the industry which provides simplicity and versatility in design. They are Steel-quality precision machined and are installed by tightening several cap screws. That draws the bushing into the product's taper bore which compresses the bushing's bore. QD bushings are quickly removed by jack-screws in the cap screws.

 In QD Bushings, double drilled holes are fitted for mounting of the component in traditional or reverse positions. This allows for the installation of cap screws via product hub or bushing flanges whichever is most convenient. Installation has significant advantages; cap screws are always inserted from the outside where they are easily accessible.

  • SK Bushing

    SK Bushing

    SK Bushings Quick-Disconnect (QD) Bushings are bushings to make the same sprocket or pulley compatible with multiple shaft diameters. They fit QD sprockets and pulleys of the same bushing style. As you tighten the included cap screws, the bushing...

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  • SF Bushing

    SF Bushing

    A tapered bushing with straight edges uses an internal screw to help drive the bushing into the shaft, while a split taper has a flange and a key on the bushing to help provide more drive. A QD Bushing is the original sheave...

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  • SDS Bushing

    SDS Bushing

    SDS bushings are designed to transmit the rated torque capacity listed in the table below when the cap screws are tightened as indicated. The bushings are stocked in all popular bore sizes, including metric bores, within the bore range for a particular...

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  • SD Bushing

    SD Bushing

    What sets this bushing apart from others is the high-quality steel construction, and strict quality control procedure to ensure that you are getting a product that is consistent and precise. The screw connections on these bushings easily mate...

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  • SH Bushing

    SH Bushing

    SH Quick detachable (QD) bushings have a split along one side that eases fitting on shafts of varying diameter. Tapered bushings have a keyway and are installed by pressing the bushing into the bore. Manufactured to ANSI standards our SH bushings are...

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  • JA Bushing

    JA Bushing

    Bushings, sometimes called plain bearings, sleeve bearings, or linear sleeve bearings, are installed between a rotating drive shaft and a housing to help secure the shaft in place and reduce vibration to extend the working life of hubs and shafts...

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  • F Bushing

    F Bushing

    QD or “quickly detachable” bushings are split tapered flanged bushings with the split running through the flange and taper. These QD bushings provide excellent clamping force on the shaft. QD bushings are utilized on sprockets, sheaves and...

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  • E Bushing

    E Bushing

    QD bushings are the original sheave and pulley mounting system developed to facilitate and replace components. The QD (Quick Disconnect) design provides for both conventional and reverse flange mounting configurations. The QD bushing has a flange around...

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  • H Split & Taper Bushing

    H Split & Taper Bushing

    Split and taper bushings are utilized on sheaves, pulleys, sprockets and gear belt pulleys. The split and tapered bushing alleviates the need to have a component bored to size, ideally lowering on hand requirements and allowing for changes in shaft size...

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  • P1 Split & Taper Bushing

    P1 Split & Taper Bushing

    Use a tapered or QD bushing from Grainger with sheaves, pulleys, sprockets and many other power transmission applications. Flanged quick-disconnect bushings feature a completely split design to help provide easy installation and disassembly. A tapered...

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  • B  Split & Taper Bushing

    B Split & Taper Bushing

    Split and Taper Bushings are used to carry torque and mount pulleys, sprockets and sheaves on shafts. They have a double split barrel to provide flexibility and a strong hold on shafts. The barrel is keyed to the shaft prevent rotation. They are also...

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