Connecting Links

Link ties for roller chains are generally referred to as master ties. These ties are built with a spring clip or cotter pin to connect and remove. We have a broad range of connections with sizes and requirements.
Master link Spring Clip is typically used in smaller pitch chain sizes, for example in ANSI sizes # 25- # 80, in ISO sizes 03B-16B, or in Double pitch sizes from 2040-2060. The spring clip is easy to install, delete and provides enough holding power to prevent your chain from break up.
For large pitch roller strings, including ANSI sizes # 80-# 240, ISO sizes 16B-56B and dual pitch size 2060-2160, the Cotter pin connector links are utilized. This design is often used in roller chain ties of engineer class. One important thing to remember is that it is usually recommended that the J-Hook cotter master link be used for oil-rig roller chain applications. The American Petroleum Institute outlines this and guarantees that the chain is API-conformant.

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