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Conveyor Roller Chain

  • Conveyor Chain C2040

    Conveyor Chain C2040

    Quality manufactured roller chain. These chains provide a high quality conveying medium for material handling equipments, road building machinery, textile machinery, farming implements, baking packaging and bottling equipment. Conveyor style of chain is...

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  • Conveyor Chain C2050

    Conveyor Chain C2050

    Conveyor roller chain is constructed of carbon steel and straight side plates. Attachments can be used for connecting brackets, buckets and rods to the chain for the conveyor use of moving different types of materials on an incline. C2050 is built to...

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  • Conveyor Chain C2060 Heavy

    Conveyor Chain C2060 Heavy

    C2060 conveyor roller chain is manufactured from carbon steel to ANSI standards. C2060 has the same dimensions as a standard ANSI roller chain except that the pitch is doubled. C2060 has a pitch of 1 ½”. Many conveyer roller chains can be...

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  • Conveyor Chain C2082 Heavy

    Conveyor Chain C2082 Heavy

    Conveyor roller chain is manufactured with solid rollers and bushings built with carbon steel for ultimate strength. This C2082H can also be used with attachments such as brackets and buckets for ridged material transport.

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