Feed Sync Timer


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What does a phone have to do with a deer feeder? You can now trouble shoot, set feed times, and control your feeder from the palm of your hand from up to 150 yards away! NO WIFI OR CELL SERVICE REQUIRED!

The receiver installs to any preexisting 12v feeder, so you just simply connect the receiver wires to your feeder parts, download the app to your smart phone, and you’re ready to go! 

App allows you to:

  • Set feed times, duration, and motor speeds
  • Set seasonal feed schedules
  • Troubleshoot issues with motor, battery, and solar panel
  • Test feeder 
  • Set the feeder off from 150 yards away
  • Easy to use, easy to connect
  • Allows you to connect to any feeder that has the feedsynce Timer receiver installed
  • Recommended use with 5Watt Solar Panel
Weight 10 lbs


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