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Offset Links

For having a chain a unusual number of pitches in length, often used to shorten a chain by a pitch, offset links are often known as 1⁄2 links or crank links. Two separate configurations provide offset connections.

The single-pitch offset connections have a slip-fit screw, unassembled in the connecting plates. A link is ground on one end of the screw, so that once mounted, it does not turn in the linkplate.

Two-pitch offset ties in form press-fit are a connection offset and a joint roller component. This assembly's press-fit construction improves its structural rigidity, reliability and longevity significantly. The two-pitch offset mounting is preferred for these purposes instead of the one-pitch offset. Nonetheless, offset links in performance-oriented drives are not recommended because of the reduction in the chain's working power.

  • Heavy Series Offset Link

    Heavy Series Offset Link

    Heavy offset links are also commonly referred to as half links. Offset links are commonly used for adding additional links into a roller chain. Offset links are good to have on-hand because they can keep you out of a down situation, and they are good for...

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  • Conveyor Offset Links

    Conveyor Offset Links

    Conveyor offset links are built to connect to loose ends of conveyor chain together to make one continuous strand. Offset links are considered half links as they create half the attachment length that a regular connecting link does. Offset links are not...

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  • Stainless Steel Offset Links

    Stainless Steel Offset Links

    Offset links are also known as half links. Offset links are commonly used for adding additional links into a roller chain. The offset links are manufactured to ANSI standards. The can perform in highly corrosive harsh conditions.  

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  • Standard Offset Links

    Standard Offset Links

    Offset links are suggested to be used only when an odd number of links cannot be avoided.  We do carry several sizes and pitches to help you get the job done when necessary. Standard offset links are considered a half link and are manufacutured of...

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