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Connecting Links

Roller Chain connecting links are also commonly known as master links. These links are designed to assemble and dis-assemble using a spring clip or cotter pin. We stock a wide variety of connecting links ranging size and specifications.

The spring clip style of master link is typically used in smaller pitch chain sizes such as #25 - #80 in ANSI sizes, ISO sizes 03B - 16B, as well as 2040 - 2060 in double pitch sizes. The spring clip is easy to install and remove and will provide sufficient holding power to ensure that your chain does not come apart in operation.

Cotter pin connecting links are used in large-pitch roller chains such as ANSI sizes #80 - #240, ISO Sizes 16B - 56B, and double pitch sizes 2060 - 2160. This style is also used in engineer class roller chain connecting links. Something important to note is that for oil-rig roller chain applications, it is typically recommended to use a J-Hook style cotter master link. This is specified by the American Petroleum Institute and will insure that your chain is in accordance with API Standards.

  • Connecting Link Spring Clip Connecting Link

    Conveyor Connecting Links

    Conveyor connecting links are fastened either with cotter pins or spring clips depending on the pitch you are working with in your conveyor chain. These links are manufatured out of carbon steel to meet ANSI standards,

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  • Spring Clip Connecting Link

    Heavy Series Connecting Links

    Connecting Links or Mater Links are used to connect two ends of roller chain to create one fluent peice. The range is pitch to match the chain in use. #60 - #240 is considered heavy master links or heavy connecting links.

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  • Mertic Connecting Links (British Standard)

    Metric connecting link. Roller chain connecting links also known as master links are used to connect two ends of the roller chain together. Solid hardened and shot peened precision rollers are standard on most of our chains. The bushings provide a smooth...

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  • Connecting Link Spring Clip Connecting Link

    Stainless Steel Connecting Links

    Stainless Steel Connecting Links are designed from carbon steel and soild rollers and bushings. It is built for hig and low tempetures to avoid corrosion. We stock Stainless Steel Connecting Links in many sizes which by design would match your chain...

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  • Connecting Link Spring Clip Connecting Link

    Standard Connecting Links

    Roller chain is normally used as a continuous length. To complate that continuos length you can use a connecting link. The connections that are available are cotter pin and spring clip. For the lighter weight chains in single and double strands both...

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