Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Posted by San Antonio Belting on Apr 16th 2021

Get started with UniqID asset tracker, a simple, but powerful tool

Thanks to the digital transformation, today’s machines and equipment are becoming smarter and more connected each day. In our data-driven world, the Internet of things (IoT) is here and changing the way equipment manufacturers, distributors and end users communicate and operate.

More and more businesses expect product that offer actionable and intelligent data – and hose assemblies are no exception. Distributors and equipment manufacturers that set themselves apart in this digital world are those that think and act like technology companies. While you continue your quest to provide real-world value to each of your customers, stay more competitive than ever with UniqIDTM asset tracker – a secure, cloud-based asset tracking system that allows you to label, track, maintain, report on and replace hose assemblies from anywhere, at any time.

Features for every business need

UniqID asset tracker easily creates tagging solutions for worldwide use across various applications so that you can create a connected, integrated network on the foundation of six digits. We understand the need for flexibility, which is why UniqID asset tracker is designed for you to choose the features and benefits that best meet your business needs (while always giving you access to more, if needed).